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Using Basic Meditation Practice as I outlined earlier, set a timer for 5 minutes.  Close your eyes and follow, ie., pay attention to, your breathing until the timer alarm rings. If you find your attention has been drawn away from your breath, simply return your attention to your breath.

After this exercise review the previous 5 minutes and note the frequency with which your attention diverts to something other than your breath.  Did you find that your attention wandered from your breath?   Over time as you practice all of the attention exercises your ability to stay focused will improve.

Attention to breath is one of four parts of the meditation process you are learning here. Attention To Breath is an easy habit to develop and it is one that we can easily use to bring about a moment of calm.  It’s a great way to quickly regain a sense of balance in the midst of an intense moment.  You will note that breathing while maintaining your attention elsewhere does not have the same effect.

Attention To Breath is the easiest attention exercise to learn.  In later segments I will show how to incorporate Attention To Breath into the other meditation processes.  You should also use Attention To Breath throughout the day as a way to naturally bring your attention easily, and calmly, to the current moment.

<-Meditation Environment                                                                    Pain Meditation->


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