<-Watching Thoughts                                                                            Introduction->

Bringing meditation into all aspects of your life is an important part of the process.  I’ve provided a few examples to guide you, but don’t limit yourself to just these.


When walking bring your attention to the area just below the navel.  Since this is your center of gravity, with practice you will find that you will feel more comfortable and attentive to your surroundings.


I find that keeping the radio/CD off while I drive and feeling through the area below my navel while watching the road increases awareness of my surroundings making it possible to drive comfortably and safely.

In Conversation with Others

Keeping your attention on the area below your navel while listening to others will improve your attention to others. You can also apply Pain meditation to your feelings while listening in order to keep calm during difficult conversations.  You can also take the same approaches while speaking; the result is a very thoughtful presentation of your ideas.

Turn off the Video, CD, and Radio

On rising, or before bed, I avoid external stimuli other than family members and I practice attention on the area below the navel and Pain meditation on my feelings.  I find it prepares me for the day and provides a very positive way to end the day and prepare for sleep.

<-Watching Thoughts                                                                            Introduction->


One thought on “Conclusion

  1. I read through your pamphlet very quickly on a break. True peacefulness and resolve.
    I will review again. Thank you for sharing your heart with me.

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